146+ is a craft action to commemorate the 146 victims of the 1911 Triangle Waist Factory fire in New York City and to connect that history to the contemporary crisis in the global garment industry. Participate by crafting a numbered armband and standing with Workers United as we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the tragedy that catalyzed an international labor movement.









Where do I mail the armbands before the March 22, 2011 "arrival" deadline?
microRevolt c/o Mazza
15 Channel Center Street, #502
Boston, MA 02210

What size should the armband be?
If the band can fit on someones arm -- it is perfect. Please just make sure the ends are attached, like a ring.

Does it have to be knitted?
No! It can be sewn, crocheted, felted, etc. We also received emails about stitching the name or initials of the victim to personalize it more. If you wish!

Other problems or questions?
Please E mail
query /*A T*/ microrevolt /*D OT*/org