ARMBAND PATTERN (or make your own design)

This pattern is a bit loose and there is no need to get an exact width and height. Size it to fit yourself if you're not sure. We want sizes to be flexible to accommodate different sized persons.

Gauge: 4 stitches per inch
Size 8 knitting needles

Cast on 20 stitches
Stockinette 60 rows
Attach the ends

Here's a few ideas for stitching your number:

Single motif pattern sample:

Number patterns for single motif:



You can also do the numbers in chain stitch on top of your knitting (or crochet) using an embroidery needle or crochet hook as pictured above in armbands 142-145 above. Some of them were stitched on the purl side. Tutorial link here. If you are doing single crochet, you can do the numbers in cross stitch, instructions here.






Open call to bring disparate DIYers, Sunday sew circles, knitwear peddlers, and craft merchants of the micro-economies to the street. What will our loose-knit union look like?

1) Sign up for a number. See the >> "COMMEMORATE" link for the numbers left.

2) Knit / crochet / craft the armband. A pattern is provided in the left hand column... or make your own design.

3) Mail your armband(s) to 146+ Headquarters to be displayed in Cooper Union's Great Hall before distributing it to street participants.

15 Channel Center Street, #502
Boston, MA 02210

4) Meet at Cooper Union Great Hall for 146+ armband distribution. Stand with Workers United while wearing a numbered armband to commemorate garment factory fire victim on March 25, 2011.

Participating does not require doing step 4)

The deadline is for the arrival of the crafted armbands, not the postmark. Each numbered band will be displayed in Cooper Unions Great Hall before being distributed. That is so
crafters who cannot make the commemoration in New York City on the anniversary can participate and folks who do not craft can stand in for the victims. Great if you can make both. Craft circles are encouraged to participate and mail as a group.

Name of participant or group*

Email of participant or contact of the group*

City, State, Country*

Number(s) you will stitch for (1-146) and (147-177).

I agree that I will mail the numbered armband(s) to arrive by the deadline March 22, 2011 to be used on March 25th, and can be photographed/displayed for the project under the "Name" given above.*

I CAN make the craft action on March 25th and wear an armband. (If not a volunteer will wear it)

Please keep me on your e-mail list AFTER the project. We will need to contact you in advance of the event.
low frequency
and not required

E mail query /*A T*/ microrevolt /*D OT*/org