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One hundred years after the Triangle fire, we find an insecure economy, a high unemployment rate and most of garment manufacturing outsourced to the developing world. Workers making products for American consumers are still victim to unfair labor policies and factory fires. We continue to struggle at home and abroad for the rights that galvanized the labor movement a century ago.

New York Times headline, December 14, 2010
WalMart, H&M, J.C. Penny garment maker victims:

Green = armband is already being made!

147 Md. Mosameel
148 Md. Maruf Hossain
149 Ms.Tania Sultana
150 Ms. Anjona
151 Md. Farid
152 Ms. Halima
153 Md. Ruhul Amin
154 Md. Rasel Shekh
155 Md. Babul
156 Md. Himel
157 Md. Resaul
158 Ms. Runa
159 Md. Delowar
160 Ms. Monsura
161 Md. Masum khan
162 Md.Selim reza
163 Md.Shah Alam
164 Md.Sohel

165 Md.Resaul
166 Mr.Ranju
167 Md.Shahinul
168 Md.Sujon Ahmed
169 Md.Chan Mia
170 Md.Imran Hossain
171 Md. Abu Sayed
172 Md. Ekamuddin
173 Mukhlesur Rahaman
174 Md. Babul
175 Md. Shahinur

176 Md. Al-Amin Shekh

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