SARAH STOLLAK, Fender Knit Guitar

"Sarah Stollak's piece reflects a wild enthusiasm not lost in the repetitive act of knitting. I love that she made a 3D object very well, but not obsessively perfectly- there are too many crafters out there who knit/crochet real objects but overdo it and suck the life out of their intention. This is a good mix of rock and craft." - Juror Sabrina Gschwandtner

"The knit guitar in all its amazing detail seems vibrant and full of energy!" - Juror Natalie Zee


MONIKA ROE, Kurt Cobain Laptop Cover

"We could give or take the kurt cobain image on this, but keeping your new technology cozy and safe inside a homespun fabric is the wave of the future." - Juror Mike Bonnano

"I love the colors and the contrast in the finished laptop cover. The stylized iconic image used here really stands out to me." - Juror Eric St. Onge


JOHN KRYNICK, Test for Gods and Goddesses Series

"I love this piece's modern composition and style." - Juror Natalie Zee

"I like the detail in the finished piece, and that the photos used in it are of the artist's friends. It looks to me like it could be a very personal knitted collage." - Juror Eric St. Onge