Sarah Stollak
Austin, Texas

Fender Knit Guitar

I learned to knit from my mother in 1993, and have been creating knitted guitars since 2004. I create these pieces to honor two of my passions, knitting and music, but also to challenge the disparity between "craft" and "art." Based in Austin, TX, I do business as Guitar City Knits, achieving my dream to rock and roll all night, and knit every day.

Luthiers handcraft beautiful stringed instruments, but factories produce guitars for the masses, such as those assembled in Mexico, Korea, China, Japan, and the United States, by the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Fender uses its famous "spaghetti" logo to advertise on t-shirts, baseball caps, and even it's own line of sneakers. To correctly proportion the logo from the knitPro graph, I used size 2 knitting needles and fine yarn – in this case, vintage stocking nylon. This piece took over forty hours to complete, and was created especially for this show.

knitPro pattern