Fig 1. How To Cast On Fig 2. How To Knit Fig 3. Purl Stitch Fig 4. How To Cast Off

[1] Hold yarn in left hand
[2] Grasp yarn with left fingers
[3] Put over thumb
[4] Create a loop
[5] Right hand needle thru loop
[6] Pull up, yarn grips needle
[7] Repeat
(Each loop counts as 1 stitch)
[1] Left hand needle thru loop
under loop from left to right
[2] Wrap yarn held in right
hand, right to left
[3] Pull yarn through loop
towards you
[4] Lift loop off to right needle
[5] Repeat
[1] Use right needle to go
under stitch on left needle
[2] Push right needle to be in
front of the left needle
[3] Wrap a loop around right
[4] Pull yarn under stitch, onto
right needle
[5] Repeat
[1] At the end of the row,
knit 2 stitches as usual
[2] Next, go back and take first
stitch with left needle
[3] Move first stitch over second
stitch with left needle
[4] Knit one stitch
[5] Repeat
[6] Loop end and tie off