Becky Kelly
I'm Becky Kelly. I'm from Indiana. I'm just a mom of three boys. I love to crochet, cross-stitch, and waste time as much as possible. I don't do doilies! LOL!!!! (Seriously, I do admire them but I think they are a bit impractical.) I'd much rather make things people can use, touch, hold, and  enjoy. My Crochet Snape Graph-ghan is done with the Tunisian crochet stitch. (My New Year's resolution was to learn graph afghans so he's my first.) I used Caron one pound yarns in black and white, Caron Heather grey, and another grey with no lable, (I think Bernat. It's a silvery-grey). I read every on-line tutorial I could find on this to teach myself the how-tos.
It  took about a month to make with lots of screaming and cursing along the way. The tunisian stitch is longer than it is wide, so, for every square on the knitpro graph I quadrupled it width-wise and only triple repeated it going upwards so that it would retain the right perspective. (Did that make sense to any of you?  I'm not even sure what I just said, LOL!!) As far as what inspired me to make it, I must confess that I have a current obsession with a certain book character.
It's embarrassing to admit; and to go public about this, I suppose, is the first step to recovery, right? LOL!!!! My family have all been somewhat supportive, (if not downright condescending about it at times). Well, mostly we just all laugh about it. Hopefully I can get this out of my system and into some form of crochet or
another before I go totally insane! To help me in this Potter purging quest of mine, (with 3 boys I think I've read the books just slightly more than the average person......- like a thousand times more-......ahem...), I'm currently working on a completely crocheted castle. Yes, that's right. A sort of doll house sized one. And, you probably guessed it, it's to house the several Potter dolls I've been
making. I've got a blog, (don't we all?), where I've been trying to post my lastest creations as well as updates on the castle.

The archives have the dolls in there somewhere. As well as my Harley Davidson glove purse. (Not ALL my stuff is Potteresque, LOL!!!!) I've gone on waaaaay too long. I apologize for that. I hope you enjoy viewing the Snape-ghan. (Oh, and if you meet anyone from Warner Brothers and they try to tell you it is a copyrighted name, the word Snape is not. Only the entire name of the certain character. Otherwise, it's just a town in England, right? Sure, when used in conjunction with the image of a man, it could be entering a sort of grey matter. So, tell them what you see when you view the afghan, is a nice abstract map of the quaint little town of Snape!)  :o) Thank you for letting me ramble on. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to show my work. You can all wake up now, nudge, nudge.

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