Jim Finn
Chicago, Illinois

Interkosmos patch

Jim Finn (b. 1968, St. Louis) is an artist whose film and video work has screened internationally at festivals such as Rotterdam, Ann Arbor, Cinematexas and on PBS show EGG the Arts. His needlepoint pillow series, Communist Heroes of South America was recently featured in knitknit magazine. His first feature film Interkosmos is the Opening Night film for this year's New York Underground Film Festival.

This is a needlepoint recreation of a spacesuit patch for the international communist space program based in the former USSR. The Interkosmos program began in the 1970s as a way to integrate socialist and non-aligned nations into the Soviet space program; it brought cosmonauts from Cuba, Mongolia, Hungary, Vietnam, East Germany and Syria among others into space. I used this patch in my film Interkosmos about an East German space colonization mission to the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. The needlepoint patch is featured in the Amber space capsule headed for Ganymede, one of the four Galilean satellites of Jupiter. The writing on the patch is the Russian name for Interkosmos.

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